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Expertise & Systemization


Consulting - Includes operation assessment, market feasibilities and sales and marketing analysis. Management - Includes setting up operations, management of short-term and long-term projects. Franchising - With our established brands, we offer opportunities to franchise our brands worldwide.


Design - This includes concept development, design as well as interior and exterior spaces for service contents and other hospitality-related developments such as retail and hotels. Research & Development  - We create new F&B content all the time! With our research and development team, we continuously create new recipes to bring new experiences to our end customers.

Creativity & Innovation


Branding  - We can advise in brand development, which is essential to creating a identity and loyalty. Product Placement  - With our existing reputation in the industry, we collaborate with other products/brands that have the same identity as our outlets. Media  - We work with our customers to develop the brand's positioning in the market through varieties of media channels.

Publicity & Value Creation


Events & Catering - With a strong hospitality background, CIC FNB also offers other services including events and catering. This includes designing the theme of the event, setting up the venue and operating the event. Real Estate - Our interest is not limited to Food and Beverage, but also encompasses other service industries such as hotels, commercial retails and residents.

Service Varieties


Training Program - We offer training programs to educational institutions as well as private institutions. CSR - We are also open to working with government and non-profit organization to promote tourism and hospitality industry in South Korea in order to support local community!

Sustainability Development

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